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“有时候最可怕的部分是看到其他人害怕。” 法国的一所学校。全班正在排练一场戏剧表演:黑板上有单词和几何图形;马蒂朗诵一首诗,在房间里传来音符,丹尼尔的鼻子开始流血。在梦中出现的日常事件,模糊而虚幻。看不见的线条决定了道路。10岁的丹尼尔突然发现自己和马蒂单独在一起,马蒂穿着内衣,一开始并没有注意到他。这场邂逅是温柔的,但却迷失方向,发生在一种真空中。与此同时,一些邪恶的东西正在从外面接近——一些没有名字的东西,成年人总是警告他们。它想从窗户和门到孩子们。 ‘Sometimes the scariest part is seeing other people who are scared.’ A school in France. The class is rehearsing a theatre performance: There are words and geometric shapes on the blackboard; Marthe recites a poem, notes are passed around the room, and Daniel’s nose starts to bleed. Everyday events that appear as if in a dream, vague and unreal. Invisible lines dictate the way. Daniel, who is 10, suddenly finds himself alone with Marthe, who is standing in her underwear and doesn’t notice him at first. The encounter is tender but disorienting, and takes place in a kind of vacuum. Meanwhile, something sinister is approaching from outside – something without a name and which the adults always warn them about. It wants to get through the windows and doors to the children.



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